Here are some good monitors with varying Refresh Rate and resolutions with available specifications taken from the respective official website. These are mere suggestions and the end-user is advised to check reviews, price, and service quality of the associated brand before buying. We have also included some good monitors that can be substituted in case your favourite monitors goes out of stock or are discontinued. Some monitors at same price may offer better features, so don’t be afraid of checking the specifications (it’s there for…Continue Reading “Monitor Suggestions : List of Monitors”

Note: We have nothing against these sites or their respective owners, we just believe that they don’t offer anything worth the price tag they ask for; some of them don’t even have compatible parts. So, if you care about your money and getting good quality components, then build a PC instead of getting a pre-built one. However, if you don’t mind overspending for the same components or don’t care about the quality of the parts, then sure check them out. Do keep in mind that…Continue Reading “Pre-Built vs Custom-built”

Quick Links. Something about PSUs PSU Blacklist PSU Recomendations Motherboard RAM Cabinet Storage CPU Stuff to Avoid Here is a quick list of products/components to avoid. Please read further to know stuff more in detail. Stuff to Avoid  Remarks  1.       CPU  Old FX series from AMD and 7th Gen intel CPUs or older. No reason to go for them unless there is a good deal and the CPU fits your current and future needs.  2.       Motherboard  H310 board/A320 board. They are fine for low-end PCs….Continue Reading “Golden Chest v1.0”